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Nothing But The Best

Century Support Services Customer Review

Century Support Services is nothing but the best. When I retired a few years back, I lost my health insurance along with other benefits. Unfortunately, I resorted to depending on my credit cards to survive. With high interest rates and living on a fixed income, I couldn’t keep up with the monthly payments and felt I was never going to get out of that debt.Century presented a very positive program of repayment without the negativity of bankruptcy. When I had a question, I called them and their responses were immediate and thorough. They were organized and kept me updated on my program’s progress. I’m impressed that they took immediate action in notifying my creditors after I had submitted the list of my debts. They informed me which creditors they had contacted and subsequently made agreements with.I subscribed to a deposit of a set amount of money every month and they would take that amount and apply it to what was agreed upon as a settlement from my debtors. I’m very happy with them.I was with Century for two years and from day one, I was able to rest easily without worrying about my debt. I liked the fact that they gave me that personal satisfaction of completing my debt obligations. I have shared this information about Century to my friends who also have credit card debt. I completed my Century program with a feeling of accomplishment and extreme satisfaction that I made the right decision when I chose Century.

- Jose V., California

I have found everyone to be very resourceful.

I have found everyone to be very resourceful. They are friendly, courteous, & promptly answer any question you have. I highly recommend them to anyone needing assistance with their debts.

- Kay Dunning

Gave me back my financial freedom

Century Support Services Customer Review

Century gave me back my financial freedom and took away my stress! So thankful for my life back!! Thank you!!

- Linda, Seminole, FL

My Creditors Have Stopped Calling Me

Century Support Services Customer Review

I was living paycheck to paycheck and then my hours were cut back at work. Between less income and additional expense, I needed help but I wanted to avoid bankruptcy.I found Century and I have now have the peace of mind that I was hoping for. Their team of customer service reps and account managers brought me through each step of the process as they closely manage and successfully negotiate my accounts. They’re very conscientious.My creditors are satisfied and have stopped calling me. That makes me very happy. Century has their eye on the ball and they’re very good at what they do.I tell my friends to call them if they need help. Century is worth it!

- Bonnie B., Florida

I would very much recommend them to anyone.

This company saved me I would very much recommend them to anyone its no joke ppl use them if you are in trouble with credit cards

- Janice Harbin

Being almost debt free is amazing

Century Support Services Customer Review

I have been in the program 9 months and I'm so grateful for Century's help and services. I know it's a process, but to be almost debt free is amazing! They have very knowledgeable customer service who go above and beyond.

- Jessica, Miami, FL

Already they have settled my largest debt.

I have only been with Century for approximately 4 months and, already they have settled my largest debt. They are the winner in my book.

- Carol Melcher

Delivering what they said

Century Support Services Customer Review

After just under 2 months with this program, I am ploeased to say that I am seeing profression to my first debt settlement! CSS cross my path and I'm glad they did. They're delivering what they said they would. Am I pleased? Let me think... YES. Thanks CSS!

- Robert, Brentwood TX

Very easy to work with, helpful and courteous.

- Carmen Buckalew

I am completely satisfied

Century Support Services Customer Review

I am very happy with Century. They work very hard to help and I am completely satisfied. The employees I work with are very helpful and caring. I would recommend this company to everyone. Thank you Century!

- Patricia

I love the work that Century has done.

I love the work that Century has done to settle my debts. Within days of my first payment I had settlement offers. The consistency and courtesy this company provides is top notch. I am always in the loop as to what is happening with my account, and all services have been provided as promised. I would recommend Century to anyone who is attempting to settle unsecured debt rapidly and without dealing with several creditors. There is much transparency in the process, I am thrilled with the results I have been provided.

- Alexa Chenoweth

Saved my financial life

Century Support Services Customer Review

I can't lie...I was worried. But you guys pulled through. After 7 months, I have 2 accounts settled. There is a wait, but that 's due to the negotiations. I have recommended this program to my friends. Thank you...You saved my financial life.

- Joshua, Nottingham, MD

Did an Excellent Job

Century Support Services Customer Review

After I lost my wife, I needed to get my financials straightened. Debt settlement is a good way of doing this and the people from Century are honest. Century did an excellent job in my book and I felt very comfortable working with them.

- Clive

I can say that this is by far the best place to work!

I've worked at Century for almost 10.5 years. With absolute confidence, I can say that this is by far the best place to work! Like most people, I started out in food service or retail. After a stressful time in my life, I needed to find something new. As if it was fate, I found Century and have been there ever since. Anytime I have the opportunity to talk about my company I make sure I do. It is a family atmosphere and you build relationships with everyone you come in contact with. I especially enjoy the interaction with our customers, many of whom are also going through a stressful time. I would recommend Century to anyone who is looking for a fulfilling career and any person going through a tough time financially.

- Minimuffins 34

Thank you Century!

Century Support Services Customer Review

It has not been an easy road to travel, Century has been with me every step of the way walking it with me, guiding, answering questions. Most of all is the comfort of knowing you're not alone. Thank you Century!

- Stacy

5 star rating

Century Support Services Customer Review

This company gets a 5 star rating from me. They have already settled 2of my acccounts and are working on the 3rd. I would recommend Century to everyone!! Very Happy Customer!!! Thanks again Century!

- Tony

Communication has always been on point.

Century has been outstanding in every respect. Communication has always been on point. I have never been in the dark throughout the process and have always been at ease with these extremely capable individuals!!!!

- Michael Craig

Very professional and knowledgeable

Century Support Services Customer Review

Very professional and knowledgeable. Whenever I have had to contact Century they have been extremely helpful and on every occasion, my issue/concern has been resolved to my satisfaction.

- Henry, Orlando, FL

I love this program so far.

I love this program so far. I know there are a lot of bad reviews but this was the better reviews of other debt solution companies. I've been in the program for about 5 months and I already have over 30 percent of my debt settled (another creditor in the works as I type) and my credit score has increased by just under 100 points. All of my debt was in collections before I signed up so there was no credit plunge for me. I would recommend only doing this if the majority of your debt is in collections already. If not, sometimes it is easier to just keep paying and sticking to a strict budget. But, if you're drowning like I was I think this is a great option. Yes, the company makes money off of their customers, but so does every other company. I don't work for free so why would this company? Bottom line, know your options, ask questions, read the fine print, etc. Know what you're getting into before signing up. It can really help for specific situations, like mine. So far, I'm happy I'm with this company. I can see progress I never could've on my own. Also, they have negotiated with my creditors to have old negative marks removed from my credit report. That has helped my credit score largely. The customer service is exceptional as well. Online options are also educational and convenient. I'll update when I'm further in the program.

- Bane ThePayne

They are awesome

Century Support Services Customer Review

Always get treated with dignity and kindness!!! So much more than I ever thought- they are awesome!

- JacqueLynn

They do a great job.

We got in over our heads with the credit cards, and we were trying to get caught up. Century was rated one of the top companies to handle this. They're helping us with debt consolidation and we've paid several cards off. We've been in their program for almost a year now and they've all been super and answered questions. They do a great job and I only have another year left to finish the program. But I wish I'd get an app, so I can do it on the phone instead of trying to go through the internet.

- Steve of Tulsa, OK

The Century Support Services have been good and concerned.

I’m going through a hardship right now. I went through debt relief services and they threw me to Century Support Services, but the program has been doing too terrible. Century has already paid one of the cards, but I wanted them to pay Diamond Credit first and a Ford vehicle that I have already turned in. The vehicle had damages which weren’t done by me, it was done by a tow truck from a police department and they never wanted to fix it.My first payment with Century was at the end of August and I have to pay $200 a month, which is $100 every two weeks, and they take it out of my account. The Century Support Services representative, Jeff, that helped me was decent and worked well. He said that my credit will be clean between two and two years and a half. However, he said I had to owe more than $5,000. I said that I was through with what I was paying for my credit cards, but he said that the only way they could take me was if I had more than $5,000 to $8,000. So, I added three credit cards and they have already been paying those, and the creditors have stopped calling me. The Century Support Services have been good and concerned.

- N. of PA

Century Support Services has been awesome.

Century Support Services has been awesome. They have been very good at answering my questions and very quick at responding if I call. They have a program that provides for me and they did a great job. They have given me a timeline and we’re on course. It looks good. They’re very supportive and have constantly kept me informed of what’s going on. It’s been a great experience to know that somebody is that attentive. It’s gonna make at the end of the next year and it should be all squared away. I’m excited about it and I would highly recommend them.

- Tina of Fayetteville, NC

I don’t know what I would’ve done without them.

I had gotten myself into a bad spot where I ended up spending way too much money when I moved. I went with Century Support as it was the first debt settlement service that I saw, and I’m very grateful because they are wonderful. I have three credit cards that needed to be paid off. I put money into an account, and they see which ones have offered and when I can make an offer and pay off a debt. It has only been six months since I’ve started the process and I’m getting one paid off, which should be done in February.Working with Century Support is getting me out of a hole. I called with a concern and before I ended up the call, I got the answer and I feel good. The reps who I’ve talked to were absolutely wonderful. They always made sure of everything. It was a bad thing to go through and I still feel stupid but they had made it possible for me to still hold my head up. I am so thankful I found Century Support Services. I don’t know what I would’ve done without them.

- Rebecca of Overland Park, KS

I'd recommend them.

The rep that I've talked to at Century Support Services has been fine. She explained for me every time I called them. The program has been good, but they should make it faster and make a settlement with my creditor so that they would not call me every now and then. But so far, I'd recommend them.

- Maria of San Francisco, CA

Century is the best.

I wanted to pay my debts as fast as possible so I got Century for a three-year consolidation program and it's going on for a year. They answered all my questions and I got their alert on my phone. I ain't get no more bills in mail. They call me up and tell me that certain credit cards have been paid off. I don't worry about my bills no more. I just give them $200 every month until the bill is paid off, which is no problem. The more money they get, the quicker I'm out of debt. And if I had like $4,000 to give them, I'd be completely out of debt. Century is the best.

- Mark of Syracuse, NY

Helped me get rid of some debt

The credit cards are just getting too big for me to maintain. I needed help in getting them paid off. I saw Century and it sounds like a good organization that would cooperate with me. They are getting the debts reduced before we start paying for them. The application process was easy and they called me when they've talked and gotten an answer for a settlement. So far Century helped me get rid of some debt and that's so important.

- D. of PA

They were also all very professional.

I've got major doctor bills from cancer so I’m overwhelmed with all the bills and everything I have. When I talked to Century, they seemed very good at what they do. They were also all very professional. They explained very well on things that I had questions on so I understand what they’re doing. And so far, everything has been done exactly according to what they told me was gonna happen. They would speak with my creditors and try to settle my loans on my credit cards, and I pay them a monthly fee of whatever they want. It takes time but they had also explained to me why. They also keep me well-informed with everything that’s going on. Every month, they send me a statement showing what they’re doing and it’s very good. They know what they’re doing and that’s what matters to me. So far, the program has helped me so I can buy groceries. I’m getting some help and if you have a good reason to use them, they can help you out too.

- Bert of Buffalo, NY

They have been very responsive to whatever I ask them to do.

A rep called me after I put my name and a telephone number on one of those things that popped up on my phone asking if I needed help with my debt. He said that they do business with Century. He filled out a thing and I got hooked up with Century Support Services. They emailed me some contracts to sign. I signed them and I sent them back to them. Century has taken care of six accounts that I had. They charged me upfront for whatever they settled and I give them what I can afford a month. I give them $200 a month and so far, I've settled one account and I'm one payment away of settling the second one. If I need to change the dates that I have the money taken out, I call them ahead of time. They've been really good about helping me. At first, I was a little nervous working with them, but so far, it has worked out fine.I talk to a different person every time and I usually have to reach out to them. They should at least contact me a bit more than they do. For example, when the last account was settled, I had to call them and ask what the next one on the list was and what we were gonna do about it. They went over everything and said that they would get me with the person that does the settling. They should be a bit more on the ball with me and let me know what's going on.They said it usually takes anywhere from 12 months to 24 months to finish everything. My credit has dropped even lower than it was when I was struggling to pay the dues that I had. But I trust in its process that it will be better when it is all done. I would recommend Century. When I call, they are very helpful and they tell me to call if I need anything. They have never given me a problem about anything and they have been very responsive to whatever I ask them to do.

- Alice of Rochester, NY

I would recommend it to anyone.

I had a real tough point when I had to take out a real sudden loan and it just changed my whole world. Suddenly, I couldn’t handle any of my expenses. I was already getting some credit card debt and I really wanted to fix it. I wanted to get ahead of it somehow, but I had to take out a loan. I took it out from one of these extremely high-interest places, which I say is the root of the whole problem. I first saw Century Support Services online and I’m really leery about taking things off the internet if I’m not sure of them. But from the moment it started with Century, I was treated really well. The customer service is great and they were very patient and very helpful. And I felt I had no other choice. I don’t wanna be in trouble for the next 10 years. I just got myself gradually in a little bit of trouble and their company has really helped me.I’ve got a few concerns. I’m having trouble with the technology and stuff. I have a lot of things I wanna send. I wanna send the rest of those accounts so I know what’s going on. I just got a new tablet and I’m trying to communicate and figure out what’s going on. Everything’s a delay right now. But other than that, I’ve been very pleased with everything. Everybody has been really decent about notifying me of what’s going on and they’re settling my debts. This month, they’re doing a much higher payment which is really hurting, but I can get through it. I’m determined to stick to that and not change any of the formats of the resolution. I want it to go as smoothly as it can and not giving up on maybe making some extra income and resolving it quicker.The first person who helped me, Stacy, sounded like I was talking to the next-door neighbor. She was very down to earth, very logical, and matter of fact about things. I felt, immediately, that I could talk to her and trust her with this. It just surprised me because there’s so much going on in this technology now with a lot of scams and a lot of things that people are trying to get sharp about and not let happen to them. Century was the opposite of all these. They’ve been helpful. They’ve been walking me through how easy it is to do things. I can fax or I can email my copies to them, the statements and things like that. If I have a question, they’re always agreeable. Also, they’re always willing to listen if I have a concern. They help me through it step-by-step. I feel a great relief working with them. I’m not nearly as stressed and it’s helped me. That’s huge.We were traveling here in a motorhome and we got stalled on the side of the road. We’ve got a $5,000 repair bill because of just the mechanics of the motorhome. We had to go get that yet and figure out how we were gonna do it. But having Century taking care of this stuff on my finances and just doing the monthly payment right now, it’s kinda keeping things safe and holding that part of it. It’s a relief to know I don’t have to look at the whole overwhelming picture because I’m just putting it in their hands. There’s just a lot of day to day stresses and that’s one that Century has at least made me feel relieved about, taking it off my mind. I would recommend it to anyone that shared with me that they’re trying to find a resolution to their debt problems.

- Gayle of Eau Claire, WI

I'm very comfortable with their team.

I couldn’t get caught up with my finances and paying my debts was gonna take forever. The interest was so high that I’d be paying double of what the loan amount was. I started about two months ago with Century and everything is well. I get e-mails from them all the time saying what’s going on with the process, which I appreciate. I'm very comfortable with their team. With Century, there is a little more money in my pocket which is always helpful.

- Michael of Denver, CO

Honest and he wasn't pushy.

The rep from Century Support told me that they could negotiate my payback to the credit company 75%. They've done two of my credit cards. When he first signed me up, he said they would never ask me for any more money, but a couple of times, they asked me to go up $10 so they could negotiate with the credit company. They settled, but I'm paying way less than what I would be paying them through my payment that I give them twice a month. My money is kept on a bank and they get the payments from that to pay out to this credit card company.The rep also told me it would take two years but March of next year it would be three. He said I will stay in the program until all my debts are settled. He was honest and he wasn't pushy, making it seem like I gotta do it right then. Some of them could scare you but he was nice. He listened to what I gotta say, and he explained the program to me. I like the way he came off to me. The company has been doing me good. I like it. I call Joanne, from Century, if I get a letter from a company to see where I'm at with them. I had seven accounts and only two of them went to collections. So now Century is dealing with the collection company.

- Mona of Fayetteville, NC

It’s worth the money that I’m paying to Century to get it done for me.

Working with Century Support has been a very hassle-free way to get rid of debt. Their service is invaluable and they have been very professional. We were referred to them through a company called World Financial Group after my husband reached out to the company due to financial issues stemming from law school loans that we couldn’t pay. So, we got with Century as a debt consolidation type of a situation and we’re fairly new into the 41-month program, but so far, it’s been great. We submitted an application with all of our debt with statements then Century gave us an estimate of what it would cost to satisfy the loans and credit debt that we had including what it would cost for their service, and we set up a monthly payment amount.It’s cool because they give us the option of utilizing text and emails to get notifications of whenever they negotiated a paydown amount. And then they tell us exactly how much it’s gonna cost us to pay it off to the creditor, and then how much that’ll cost us for their service of getting it worked out. And as long as we continue to pay the monthly amount into the account, it builds up the amount on our account that they can utilize to pay off these debts every month. And it’s been an easy process so far. We haven’t negotiated all of the accounts down yet, but we’ve got two or three of them that are in payment plan now. One of the accounts that they’ve already negotiated was at a 45% reduction and the other was a 50% reduction. So, it’s an excellent situation.Then any time I’ve had a question, there has always been somebody to answer. It’s really convenient to be able to utilize the text messaging system. I believe they’ve also been calling but the problem is that I get a lot of calls from numbers that I don’t know because of the creditors that I have. So, I don’t answer a lot of the calls. But I see messages if they’ve left something, and there’s a lot of reminder emails too. Being a manager in a law firm with five offices, I have little time to deal with this stuff. And for me, the convenience of having somebody else do the negotiating, and then once it’s all said and done and paid off, then the service of them going in and cleaning up our credit report is invaluable. It’s worth the money that I’m paying to Century to get it done for me.

- Serena of Citrus Heights, CA

I have confidence that they will.

My credit score was so low and I felt like I needed help to raise it. Initially, I applied at Lexington Law and I didn't like them. I decided to try Century thereafter. Their reps said that they were gonna pay off my little accounts first and they seem to be listening to me. They're taking money out of my account every month and they said that they've gotten rid of a couple of my debts since. However, my credit score went up a minute and now, it has dropped back down and I don't know what's going on. Century is holding some money because they don't have enough for month to month to pay up all the little settlements they made. The process has been a lot slower than I thought it was gonna be.When I first began the process, the rep was right with me. But then, when I switched to Century, it seemed like it's a little vague. They want to help and when I call in, they say, “Well, if you get anything, fax it to us.” There was a time when somebody sent me a letter telling me that they were gonna sue me but Century told me to just fax them that information. However, being in a car accident not too long ago, I’m just getting popping around. So, it’s hard for me to get the information to them.Instead of holding the money, Century should go ahead and give it to the company once they make a settlement with them if they’re trying to pay the whole thing off. Companies would usually take payments. Also, they should keep me more notified on what they’re doing. However, they don't pay payments to the settlements and instead, they wait 'til they get enough money to pay off a particular settlement. If people can afford Century's services, they should put down more so that they can get their settlements sooner. Nevertheless, I felt like it was a load taken off of me when I talked to them and how they said they would handle everything. Though the creditors are kind of harassing me and I don't even answer the phone now as a result, Century said they will handle my problems. I have confidence that they will.

- Renee of Hemet, CA

I’d recommend them to someone else.

I had credit card debt and somebody from Century Support Services had called. I told them what my problem was and I liked what they said, so I went with them. Enrolling in their program was easy for me. I can call them any time and they call me or they notify me online if a settlement has gone through or if they’ve talked to a creditor. I feel good working with Century. If a problem comes up and I couldn’t make the payment on that date, they are very well to work with me and take it out when I ask them to. They’ve been very good about that and they've told me the truth.Century has already settled about four credit cards. All those bills were calling me every 20 minutes a day and the program has stopped the calls. When you’re in debt, it’s a burden on your shoulders and Century has lifted some of that burden. They have good customer service. They’re helpful and they’re good listeners. I’ve been satisfied with them so far and I’d recommend them to someone else.

- Hazel of Princess Anne, MD

They’re doing a great job.

A friend referred me to Century and the enrollment in their program was very smooth and professional. Everything was an easy process. Initially, I needed Century's services to consolidate everything. I had some difficulties in life and I had to bring things to normality. Everybody with Century who I talked to has been thorough, clear, and professional. I really felt comfortable working with them. I was doing the payments to them, and now they’ve approved a loan so that’s all been handled. Everything is being settled that way right now and the quality of service is great. I am not completed yet with the program but working with Century has gotten me back on more of an organized level. They’re doing a great job.

- Monica of Arlington, VA

I really would recommend Century.

I was in debt too much and I lost my job. I had to do something or it was gonna eat me alive. I found Century Support Services on the internet and they looked good when I talked to them. They answered everything I wanted to know. Getting enrolled in their program wasn’t long at all. They got right around and took care of it. They were all very polite and great people to work with. They set up the program so I could make my payments twice a month. If I had a problem, I would call them ahead of time and they changed the date so they could make the payment on time. If any creditor bothered me at all, they took care of that. I didn’t have to worry about it.The program worked really well and I made the last payment last month, in December. I’m done with the program now and I’m just waiting to hear back from them and for the final paperwork to be sent back to me. It was a long time paying it, but I got it done. They saved me a lot of money in the long run and they were excellent all the way through it. It’s good to know that there’s help out there. They didn’t make me out to be a deadbeat. They worked on me and helped me get it straightened out. They made me feel more like a man again. So to anybody who has to go the same way, I really would recommend Century.

- Colie of Wellsboro, PA

They were so friendly and helpful.

When I first called Century Support Services, they were so friendly and helpful. They acted like they cared. They put me in debt consolidation and the service and program were absolutely phenomenal. It cut down the amount of money I have to pay out. We're in the process of I’m putting in money and they notified the first creditor, and they’ve agreed to pay. So, it’s going along well. I'm at the first creditor being paid off, and there’s five of them. I've worked with numerous people there and they're great. It isn’t one particular representative. It’s anyone I come in contact with who is very eager to help and make sure that I’m all right. Century is working towards resolving my debt. It’s made me so I’m not a nervous wreck. I’m not nervous about the bills coming in every month, and I’m not answering the telephone calls.

- Donna of Olyphant, PA

I had a good experience with them.

Century and I had three credit cards to get paid off, and I'm on my last one, and we finally got it settled. But I’m still having to pay Century for their service fee. Their reps were very good. They answered every question that I had. I was confused on some of the things but the last person I talked to made it clear, and it was pretty simple after they explained it to me. I had a good experience with them.

- Kelly of Wagoner, OK

It really helped and it seemed like it was appropriate for me.

I've been in the program with Century Support Services for four months. I was over my head in debt and Century reached out to me. The enrollment was really easy and simple. They called and I talked to their rep and they told me everything that they were willing to do. It really helped and it seemed like it was appropriate for me. Also, their reps were very easy and reassuring.

- Lori of Chesapeake, VA

They are efficient, compassionate, and understanding.

I have been with Century Support Services for almost 3 years and they are great. I started with 8 creditor accounts and I only have 3 left. Never had an issue. Everyone has always been very helpful and understanding. Century has always worked well with my requests. Due to my husband passing away, my financial situation is not always steady but they are always willing to work with me. I would definitely recommend Century Support Services for your debt consolidation needs. Best program and company EVER. Most companies do not care about their clients and you are just another number but with Century, the employees care. They are efficient, compassionate, and understanding. Highly recommended.

- April of Temecula, CA

They're nice, friendly, and polite.

I reached out to Century Support Services because of credit card debt. I saw their ad online and it looked interesting so I went with them. They're helping to pay the debt down and the process is very easy. The rep I talked to told me what was gonna happen, how much I had to pay per month, how they would settle everything, and how long it would take. They're nice, friendly, and polite. I call them up and ask them a question and they’re there to help. They're excellent people. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure what to expect but now, I feel really comfortable. They get a hold of the creditors and work out a deal to lower the debt and get it paid off quickly. We're paying one creditor off and then we’re gonna start on another one.

- Pamela of Buckeye, AZ

The people who I work with at Century are very knowledgeable.

The people who I work with at Century are very knowledgeable. They also keep on top of things. For the service I'm getting, the cost is fair. We have a little way to go but they have consolidated two cards already.

- Venus of Coral Springs, FL

Century was very much into their customer service.

I have loans and debts that need to be taken care of. Century was very much into their customer service. They reached out and made sure that I'm aware of all the ins and outs that were going on. They were very gregarious when it comes to their customer service. Their reps were very knowledgeable and seemed generally concerned that I knew the process. I have overextended the amount of recuperating the debt that I am doing, but otherwise, I’m doing fine.

- Therese of La Mesa, CA

You are in good hands concerning resource availability and communication.

After just under 2 months with this program, I am pleased to say I am seeing progression to my first debt settlement! CSS crossed my path as I was looking for debt resolution strategies in early June, and I'm glad they did. Program -- the program details were explained to me fully and clearly by each representative that I encountered in the inquiry, setup, and follow-up processes. I received a personal welcome call from their CEO as well. The deposits are easily trackable on the CSS website and the Crossroads partner site, so there is complete hands on for you, the client.Accessibility -- You are in good hands concerning resource availability and communication. With all the clients these folks must have, my email box was still hit with reminders on how to manage the CSS tools, alerts when there is activity on your account, and so on. There are also text options where you can receive an alert to call a Century CSR for information on possible settlements or other issues. In short, someone at CSS knows this particular logistic is important to people who trust their financial safety to others -- and they nailed it. Nicely done.Resources -- Short tie into accessibility, but the documents tab rocks! This is a great way to send things like photos of your credit scores, creditor letters, and other things that may be vital to your account file for the CSS reps to use. Timeliness -- I would never have imagined that a settlement would happen within two months of joining the program. Yet here it is, and saving me thousands of dollars I would have otherwise thrown into the wind. It makes me hopeful that the next account I have will be handled in the same exemplary fashion by CSS.Trust -- Okay, let's shoot straight here. This day and age, it's hard. So many scams, so many critics of legit things... just do your research and don't buy the negative hype. Century is on the level, they have protected my interests from day one, and are going above and beyond to service my account. Buy-in -- Confidence in Century's ability to assist me in my financial restructuring is at a high level. They're delivering what they said they would. Am I pleased? Let me think... YES. Thanks CSS!

- Robert of Brownwood, TX

Highly recommend

I was at a point in my life when I felt no hope. I was stressing out all the time until I decided to call Century. They were very kind and really wanted to help me out. I was in the program for 9 months and now my 5 years of debt is gone. It really does work!!! The monthly ach deposits are very low making it very affordable. It's like a second chance! Of course, it takes for the client to stay on top as well to make it happen. There is awesome guidance through this program. I work the 2nd shift schedule at my job making it difficult sometimes but I was able to manage successfully thanks to Century! I couldn't do it without you!

- Marco

This company is helping me get my life…

This company is helping me get my life back together. Not only are they friendly, and helpful, they're understanding which I'm sure a lot, if not all, of their clients need. Keep up the amazing work guys.

- Alexander

I've already recommended my daughter…

I've already recommended my daughter and shes in your program now. You take care of your customers, you don't past judgement on them and your customer service is so polite whenever I call. I can't thank you enough for all you are doing. Thank you

- Linda D.


It was an awesome program, they did exactly what they said they would do they settled all my debt. I couldn’t be any more happier with this company!

- Brianna M

Rescued from the pitfalls of too much debt!

So far this program, of debt resolution, has been a real benefit to me. I was going down hill fast and I felt like I was on a sinking ship but now I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Century’s services are great and they are very good at communicating information about resolving my debt issues. Everything that we agreed to is happening right on schedule and I am really looking forward to being debt free. Thank you Century Services for rescuing me from bankruptcy. You are the best I could have ever hoped for. You for sure get a 5 Star rating from me.

- Stephen

This is the best debt solution company…

This is the best debt solution company . Customer service is great and they are always helpful with any questions and have solutions I rate them 5 stars.

- Janet

I highly recommend these people!

Since the first time I spoke with the century representative I knew all my debt was going to be taken care of. These people are so helpful & they guide you step by step & explain the whole process & even though it takes time to go through with the program I’m extremely excited to finally get rid of my debt & to start over fresh & I highly recommend these people!

- Atanacio Borja

These folk are fantastic & a pleasure to work them.

These folk are fantastic & a pleasure to work them. They are up front with good & bad info that I needed to hear. Most of all they have made me comfortable with the procedures.

- Glenda

I definitely love century.

I definitely love century , every time I had an issue I would called them and my question will be answer . My settlement was settle in less than 18 months . great choice I did because all my cards are paid off and I’m ready to have my credit score back up and learn to manage my spending better .

- Yessenia

They saved me from terrible credit card debt.

These guys are awesome. They saved me from terrible credit card debt thanks to them I can pay everything off in a timely manner.

- Bryan

Super helpful and professional!

All customer service reps have been extremely helpful and respectful. If you need help with debt, I highly recommend.

- Suzan

They make everything easy for me to understand...

They make everything easy for me to understand... their customer service team is great always helpful with all my questions. I would recommend this to anybody who is trying to get some debt relief , also recommended to my dad he should be calling them real soon.

- Juan Jose

Century is excellent to deal with

Century is excellent to deal with. Always willing to explain everything that is going on with your account no matter if you work with them on line or thru phone calls. I value their phone help rather than on line. Thanks Century

- Marilyn

I love this program

I love this program! They make it so easy to pay off your debts. The overwhelming feeling has dissipated and my mind is at ease. They take care of everything for me!

- Rachel

Debt Free in 17 months!!!

I had $7,000 in debt got it paid off in less than 2 years!! They called me or emailed me when ever the needed to settle an account or ask about changes. They answered all my questions and concerns that I had. Great experience and off to a better credit score and no more debt!!

- Christopher

I would recommend Century Services to everyone!!

This company gets a 5 star rating from me. When I signed up with them last November they started working with my creditors as soon as I sent them all the paper work. They have already settled 2 of my accounts and are working on the 3rd. I would recommend Century Services to everyone!! When I need to talk to someone they are so easy to get a hold of and they answer all your questions and make sure you understand everything before they hang up with you. They keep you updated on which accounts they are working on and what they are doing with them.Very Happy Customer!!!Thanks again Century Services!!

- Tony Allwright

I finally decided to try this company.

I made a financial decision which put me more in debt then I could handle. I finally decided to try this company. Half of my debt is already paid off after less than a year. Still working on the rest but I now have the security of knowing that they are working for me. In the end it does cost you a bit but you have the security of knowing that they are doing this for you. At any time that I was being harassed, I simply let them know and almost in the same day the calls stopped.

- Fredericka

Love how adamant the company works…

Love how adamant the company works towards taking the burden and stress of debt off my shoulders. Happy I made the decision to contact and start up an account.

- James

Phenomenal company to repair credit

By far the easiest people to get along with and are very great at their job, the gentleman that signed me Did me a favor by fixing my debt and I thank the company to negotiate on my behalf. Still on my way to getting my credit fixed but with this company they will wiggle through your circumstances. Trust the company with their knowledge about what needs to be done.

- Mana

Thank you guys you saved my financial life.

Cant lie I was worried because of the months going by but you guys pull trhough and after 7 months I have 2 accounts already settled.There Is a wait but that's due to negotiations. I recommend this to my GF and friends. Thank you guys you saved my financial life.

- Joshua

Happy Customer

I have been in the program almost 9 months and aside from a few small hiccups, I’m so grateful for their help and services. I know it’s a process, but in the end to be almost debt free is amazing! They have amazing customer service and are very knowledgeable. They go above and beyond to address your questions and concerns.

- Jessica

These people are amazing

These people are amazing. They know how to handle business quickly and efficiently. I am amazed at how much they saved me and his quickly and smoothly it all went.

- Emily Jean

Thank you for help and treating me with dignity!

I started this program las year in October! So far one of my debts is paid off! Any time I can talk with associate and ask for explanation! I get help also with phone calls that was very rude! Thank you for help and treating me with dignity!

- Barbara

This company is so amazing

This company is so amazing! I was very hesitant at first but I’m glad I trusted my instincts and signed up! Ive been working with this company for a year now and Century has settled 5 out of my 9 debts. I highly recommend this company if you have multiple debts and are overwhelmed!

- Holly Johnson

Century Support is a good company to me.

Century Support is a good company to me. Some how this company is working for me at the same token is given to me the opportunity for a more stable tomorrow in my finances. All the People involve on this task is very professional in all accounts plus answer in a very satisfy manor. I feel happy with the progress made already and happy that I run in to you and request help rather then chosen not to pay my bills. Thank you for your help you are doing beautiful on my behalf and I do appreciate . P/S I did write a privies review about for weeks ago but I'm happy to write this one more time. Thank you to every one there is a YES I will recommend Century Support to any one. AND EVERY ONE Thank you, and good Life to the Century Support and to all of you,for teaching me that there is always a better way.

- Graciela von Bernuth

Whenever I need help, they are always there.

Century Support Service has been very acknowledgeable to me. Whenever I need help, they are always there to answer any questions I have. I know I will be very pleased with them when my debts are settled. I want to thank them for what they are doing.

- Linda McClaine

I am very satisfied with what they do.

The Century works very hard for their clients I am very satisfied with what they do.

- Norma Flowers

Great working environment and excellent benefits.

Working at Century I can say easily the best job I have had. Great working environment and excellent benefits. Job can be stressful as we work with clients who are in over their heads in debt and often couldn't even afford to pay the minimum payments on their debts anymore. The company does indeed help clients resolve their debts and many clients are very happy at the end. Most difficult client issues come from the Sales rep they originally spoke with not covering enough information, the client not listening to them or not reading the agreement. The agreement is a very easy read compared to most I have read previously. Take it from a guy who does actually read those agreements. Century does make a solid effort to reach out to clients to confirm how the program works and to answer questions when clients first join.

- Tim Kaiser